Cup of Joe. ESPN ranks Smart 26th best PG, where does our CL Life staff rank him?

According to ESPN the magazine, Marcus Smart is currently the 26th best Point Guard in the league. Curiously, Isaiah Thomas was left off the list. Their panel ranked players in terms of leadership, defense and playmaking. That list goes as follows:

  1.  Chris Paul
  2. Steph Curry
  3. Russell Westbrook
  4. John Wall
  5. Mike Conley
  6. Damian Lillard
  7. Kyle Lowry
  8. Tony Parker
  9. Kyrie Irving
  10. Jeff Teague
  11. Derrick Rose
  12. Ricky Rubio
  13. Goran Dragic
  14. Eric Bledsoe 
  15. Ty Lawson
  16. Jrue Holiday
  17. Kemba Walker
  18. George Hill
  19. Rajon Rondo
  20. Darren Collison
  21. Deron Williams
  22. Jose Calderon
  23. Michael Carter Williams
  24. Patrick Beverley
  25. Reggie Jackson
  26. Marcus Smart
  27. Elfrid Payton
  28. Jeremy Lin
  29. Isaiah Canaan
  30. Dante Exum
Source: ESPN

I'm sure plenty will nitpick at it, but it's a fairly decent list. Certainly a reminder that the league is rich with top Point guard talent. But is it a great list? I sat down with CelticsLife Point Guard aficionado/dudes that were available; Kenneth 'The Glove' Gagnon and 'Pistol' Eric Blaisdell, and here's how our SUPER-scientific list:

I'm sure all of you will be super chill about this list, and no one will have any issues with it and I think that's just really, really great.

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Vintage WTHHT: What the Hell Happened to... Jamel Thomas
authored by tb727

For the fourth time (after Conley, Abdul-Aziz, Herren) but what won't be the last (Mike James has a book out there and Acie Earl has told me he has an Ebook so we'll see where they go) we remember a former-Celtic-turned author. For the second time (after this guy) but definitely not the last time, we remember someone whose cousin not only played for the Celtics (Stephon Marbury) but so did his brother as well (Sebastian Telfair). You definitely remember Jamel Thomas.

I remember first seeing Thomas play at Providence. The guy I thought of? Lamond Murray, no doubt. His ability to get to the basket and quick first step were impressive but he also had a sound fundamental aspect to his game which included strong perimeter shooting and a nice touch from the foul line. He was like Murray in that the game seemed to come easy to him.

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