Celtics ultimately better off if they don't make playoffs with NBA Betting Guide by Mybookie.ag

The Boston Celtics are competing hard for a place in the NBA playoffs for the Eastern Conference. Their coach Brad Stevens thinks that the team is capable of securing this spot. However, game critics think that it may not be in the team's best interests. This is because the only way for the Boston Celtics to keep their odds up is not to get into the first 8 positions in the Eastern Conference NBA standings. You can get the NBA betting odds for the playoffs here. Their last game in the regular season is against Milwaukee on April 15th. It is very possible that they will put their best feet forward and try to win the game. This has always been the game-plan for Brad Stevens. He encourages his team to win every game they play. Interestingly, if they win the April 15th game, it will actually not be good news for them.

Danny Ainge is an NBA analyst who calculates the odds of teams to win the championship. The Boston Celtics recently lost to the Los Angeles Clippers by up to 35 points. It was a disappointing outcome for the Boston Celtics. However, their loss does not mean a thing in the competition that is at the lower part of the Eastern Conference team list. It is a unanimous agreement that the Boston Celtics should always give their best every time that they play on the court. However, this plan will not yield the best result for them in the long term. Danny has not communicated this to Stevens. All he has told the Boston coach is to do his work efficiently. 

The Boston Celtics got into the post season as a result of general performance in the Eastern Conference. Danny Ainge comments that despite their unimpressive performance of late, the Boston Celtics have the chance to play challenging and meaningful games for the remainder of the season. Ainge thinks it is a super thing for the team.

The coach for the Los Angeles Clippers, Doc Rivers says that the current situation for the Boston Celtics is a good learning experience for them. It is also a good lesson for other NBA hopefuls to learn. He indicates that the main lesson from the Boston Celtics performance is that they are trying hard to perform and make it into the playoffs. Whether they make it or not, the effort will be a good lesson for them and other NBA fans and players. 

The Boston Celtics can improve their position. They can only achieve this by hoping that the draft lottery NBA Betting Odds will favor them. You can get the NBA betting odds for the playoffs here. Many criticize the Celtics depending on luck to get ahead. However, if the lottery favors them, then they will gain a huge advantage and benefit. Despite all the optimism that critics, coaches and analysts are piling on while describing the Celtics, it is evident that many player will wish to leave the team by the time it is competitive and in good condition again. Each of the players in the team is open to replacement and the changes in the team roster will happen sooner than later.