Cavaliers offense is Dangerous, but will Brad Stevens Beat It and turn Bad results into a series Thriller?

It's no secret that The Cleveland Cavaliers are a stacked team. The Boston Celtics are outmatched at almost every position and need to play near perfectly and hope for some good breaks to have a chance to advance to the second round.

But Brad Stevens is no slouch. He may be one of the best men out there to squeeze out a miracle in this first round series.

Tommy Heinsohn indicates that good coaches are expected to do such things.

Coach Stevens was not hard on his team after its 113-100 loss in the first game. He mentioned their faults, but understood the behemoth of a task they were up against. He analyzed what there was to praise and critique in each half of the game in his postgame interview.

Stevens is an experienced coach, and does a good job keeping his young team level-headed, making sure they understand the most important thing they can do is play the game "right" and let some of the uncontrollable things simply have their way. He's isn't as worried about some of the more amazing plays from the opponents as he is with fundamental failures.

Brad Stevens is regarded as one of the best in-game coaches, one who can react during a time-out and create a plan based on the situation to get a quick hoop.

And in a 7-game series, perhaps we will find that Coach Stevens looks at the challenge as simply one big contest, with the rest between games one and two being the time he takes to develop the next adaptive strategy.

The picture will become more clear when the whistle blows Tuesday night and the teams meet again.

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