Where did Kelly Olynyk's jump shot go?

In last night's disappointing loss to Detroit, Kelly Olynyk went 1-for-9 from the field and 0-for-3 from three-point land.  The only basket he made was a dunk.  He scored a total of four points in 29 minutes (although he did chip in nine rebounds, five assists and two blocks).

Four of Olynyk's last five games have been absolutely brutal:


Granted, the OKC game did happen (Kelly shot 7-for-13 and 3-of-6 from deep in that one), but in his other four most recent outings he's a combined 0-for-10 on three-pointers with the following field goal shooting lines:


Yikes again.

Since returning from his ankle injury 11 games ago, Olynyk's shooting numbers are terrible across the board: .302 from the field, .257 on threes and .538 at the free-throw line.  For comparison, over his first 40 games Olynyk's percentages were .506, .353 and .682.

Would the real Kelly Olynyk please stand up?

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