Green Envy: Generally courteous and respectful Pacers fans thinks the Celtics are pretty good

Disclaimer: This may not be one of the more entertaining Green Envys you ever read.  For the most part, Pacers fans appear to be fairly friendly and polite people who do not get too upset when their club loses.  The overall theme reflects how impressed they are by Brad Stevens and the Celtics, the new owners of the Eastern Conference's longest winning streak.

They really like Stevens (who's from Indiana), and also enjoy talking about Tyler Zeller (who's brothers went to school at Indiana University and Notre Dame):

Interesting......the Celtics are top 5 in executing a play and scoring points in the last possession of a game where they have the ball and are coming out of a time out. Just another example of how good of a coach Brad Stevens is.

I only caught the last five minutes [of the first half], but the box score shows the Pacers as horrible at shooting, that heller better Zeller feller killing us, and Brad Stevens' coaching leading to only two turnovers for Boston.

Zeller was stellar, no longer a cellar dweller.

To be fair to West, he is elite at slamming the ball on the ground after a bad defensive possession. I mean, who can box out Tyler "Mo' Def Than Helen Keller" Zeller?

Celtics are playing well and have a great coach. They played harder and tougher. They deserved to win. Just wish our starters would take the pressure off our bench once in awhile.

They are not big fans of ex-Pacer Evan Turner:

God I am glad Turnover is no longer a Pacer

I hope we drill these guys. If they keep letting meatwad play point guard we should win by 30.

General in-game comments:

We are playing like we have consumed too much green beer.

Phil Pressey is killing us. Yikes

I think we're just showing Paul George that there is no chemistry he needs to worry about disrupting.

Who exactly is in the second night of a back to back again?

I'm pretty sure I played against this Datome guy at the YMCA.

The Celtics look like the Hawks for crying out loud.

Our terrible offense is making the Celtics look good

Boston love 3s. Don't they?

Watson can't guard his shadow

We are getting killed by Tyler freaking Zeller. Smh.

We really needed buckets these last 3 possessions

This Celtics team is just good.

And we play soccer with the ball. That play epitomizes our night.

Ballgame. Celtics are making the playoffs. Hopefully we can make it as well.

Boston has a bright future.

The lack of anger at the final score should come across as a little disconcerting to Bostonians:

sigh --- just not our night!

The Celtics are a good team. They are better than their record indicates and the same applies to us. They can definitely beat us if they catch us on a poor night like they did tonight.

Pretty much a "**** it" game by the bench. Aw well, get 'em next time.

We aren't the Warriors or Cavs.this nice streak has spoiled us somewhat. We should not expect any game vs a playoff contender to be an automatic win.

Fwiw, we have been on an absolute roll recently. We've got to lose SOME TIME lol.

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