ESPN decides the Celtics are finally worth televising

Locked in a tight battle for the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, the Celtics are about to appear on mainstream national television for the first time all season:

Boston has not been on ABC, ESPN or TNT all year.  The C's had one ESPN game scheduled (against the Hawks on January 14), but it was bumped for Bulls-Wizards.

NBA TV is also showing a renewed interest in the Celtics, picking up Boston vs. Indiana on Wednesday:

It's the second Celtics-Pacers matchup NBA TV has added in less than a month.  Both teams are currently tied for ninth place in the East at 32-41, half a game behind Brooklyn (32-40).

ESPN's choice is somewhat confusing--Detroit (28-45) is all but eliminated from postseason contention, so Toronto (43-30) vs. Charlotte (31-41) on April 8 appears to be a much better game than Celtics-Pistons.  Boston takes on the Hornets tonight, I'm surprised ESPN didn't at least wait to see who wins before making their decision (a home victory would put Charlotte half a game ahead of the C's and give it the head-to-head tiebreaker).

I guess it's nice to know the Celtics being the Celtics still matters.

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