Eastern Conference juggernauts set to square off in Indianapolis tonight?

Evan Turner went 6-for-6 in the fourth quarter and scored 30 points vs. Orlando, can he repeat his heroics against his former team?

NBA-TV decided to drop the Wizards-Kings game this evening in favor of Boston at Indiana.  Why?  Because Celtics-Pacers is can't-miss television--a matchup of two Eastern Conference superpowers.


Indy is 30-34 and the C's are 28-36.  Sure, that's technically true, but only if you count the entire season.  Here are the East standings since February 2:

Pacers: 13-2
Cavs: 13-5
Celtics: 12-6
Hawks: 11-6
Bulls: 10-8
Hornets: 9-8
Bucks: 9-9
Heat: 8-10
Nets: 7-10
Wizards: 6-11
Magic: 6-11
Raptors: 6-11
Pistons: 5-12
Sixers: 5-12
Knicks: 3-13

And how about the across the whole league?

Pacers: 13-2
Warriors: 14-5
Thunder: 13-5
Cavs: 13-5
Blazers: 11-4
Celtics: 12-6

That's right, over the last six weeks the Celtics are the sixth-best team in the NBA.  They've won three in a row, five of six, and eight of their last nine at home.  Boston is currently 10th in the playoff race, two games behind No. 7 Indiana.

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