Cup of Joe. Brad Stevens wasn't totally stoked about last night's game

Brad Stevens Enjoyed Last Night's Game Even Less Than You Did

"No. Everybody's been patting them on the back for the last couple of weeks, or last week. That's what happens sometimes," Stevens said. "We've gotta get back to being a good team. We've gotta play as a team at both ends of the court. We've gotta demand it of each other.

"I don't think those guys in there are selfish guys. I think they're good guys. And I don't think the way we were playing was anything that was, like, something we said, 'We're gonna play on an island!' But we didn't play as a team. And we have to have five guys working together or else we have no shot, and I think that's pretty obvious just looking out on the court today with their size. We got bullied in the post the whole night. But we're going to get bullied in the post. I think the thing that we have to do is, we have to cover for one another when those moments are happening. And we just didn't do it."

The coach continued: "If there is (any effect from Sunday's close loss to the Warriors), we should be chomping at the bit to play. Certainly you shouldn't be playing on an island like we were. Again, we had a successful week last week prior to the Golden State game because we played as a team, not because we were doing things on our own on both ends of the court. And that's what we did tonight. Defensively we were so tied to our guy the whole night that we gave up those rim-run dunks. Those kill you and the transition plays were bad, and we were bad."
Source: Jay King, MassLive

This is actually only about half of Stevens' rant. And if you don't understand why, you didn't watch much of last night's game. Because somehow, the 31 point loss doesn't properly reflect just how bad of a beat down this was; This was Ronda Rousey kind of stuff. Drago vs. Creed. Lesnar vs. Cena. Stuart Scott vs. the kids from the Big Brother program. This guy crossing up his own daughter.

He's right, too. The ball, when not being gifted to the Cavs, was sticking a lot last night, and the Celtics simply aren't talented enough of a team to let that happen. The only funny takeaway in all of this, is that it seems pretty clear that Brad equates being a 'good guy' to being a 'person who is willing to play team basketball.'

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