Collective Praise for Celtics' Coach Brad Stevens

Celtics' Brad Stevens’ “do the best we can with what we have” attitude is starting to pay-off for the sophomore year coach who just completed his most successful (first winning) month in the NBA and earned a nomination for Eastern Conference Coach of the Month. A true reflection of what he’s crafted from very little roster consistency.

*Figures above include games played through 2/25/15.

Ex-NBA players coach two of the Celtics’ most recent opponents – Derek Fisher for the Knicks and Warriors’ head coach, Steve Kerr. Both gave equal high praise for what Brad Stevens is doing in Boston.

From Gary Washburn at the Boston Globe, Kerr said:

They make it so hard on you with the high screen. They’re hard to guard. They’re one of the fastest, quickest teams in the NBA and they love to downsize.

Part of the quickness Kerr references is Boston newbie, Isaiah Thomas who was just awarded Eastern Conference Player of the Week, averaging 20+ ppg. Thomas was quick to give kudos to the coaching staff and his teammates for their contribution to his speedy success with the team.

As reported by Boston Globe’s Adam Himmelsbach, Isaiah explained:

It’s been a week and I feel like I’ve been here the whole season.

When a player already feels this comfortable within a matter of days – the Celtics' staff is clearly creating an inviting environment. Stevens credits those around him for their efforts in streamlining what has been a place of constant change. These are people who aren’t frequently put in the spotlight and it was uber cool to single them out and call to light what they’ve done for the team and perhaps...his sanity.

I envision Stevens as the coach who delivers superlative awards to everyone involved in the organization at the end-of-the-season party. "Best impression of Tommy Heinsohn," "Most often on-time to Practice," "Best Hair-do" (if he masters the man-bun this one would go to Olynyk, obviously) – you get the (Tommy) point. I imagine him emphasizing the importance of everyone feeling important. And what’s not to love about that?

Jonas Jerebko – one of the newest players over 11 trades to find their way to Boston – shared positive sentiments about his Coach.

Via Chris Forsberg at ESPN Boston, Jonas Jerebko said:

He’s just very calm and collected and knows his stuff, he knows his basketball and he's positive. He’s a great coach. Like you said, I’ve had a lot of [coaches], and he’s great.

Add-in Celtics' tenured player Brandon Bass and the cumulative players’ opinion is one of clear appreciation for the direction he’s taking the team.

As reported by A. Sherrod Blakely for CSNNE, Brandon Bass commented:

I think he is good at coaching the rhythm of the game. From day one everyone knew how well he can coach.

It's no surprise that even after a frustrating loss in Sunday’s game against Golden State, the feeling of admiration is mutual from their Coach.

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