Cup of Joe. Brad Stevens questioned his decision to come here

There were fleeting moments, Stevens admitted, when he questioned why he took this on, but those doubts have not persisted.

"I talked with a friend halfway through the season when I was struggling,'' Stevens said. "He told me, 'I've got news for you. You probably haven't hit bottom yet.'

"He was right. It was going to take time, but who knew how long? It takes time to build trust.
Source: DA GAWD Jackie MacMullan, ESPN

You guys, we need to start getting real, real serious about showing Brad the love. Like, does anyone know his address? Maybe we could start a letter writing campaign? Or maybe we could do, like a Friday Night Lights like situation, and we could help him out, and we'd offer to do things like host him at Applebee's after the game's (drinks on the house of course).

Honestly, stop what you're doing right now. Start giving a lot of thought on what you're going to do to show Coach Stevens your appreciation for him. Send him a fruit basket! Let him borrow your copy of 'Frozen'! Show up on his lawn and play Peter Gabriel! OK, well maybe don't do that. That'd be a little creepy.

Seriously though, gang - we can't lose this guy. He's the best thing going for this franchise right now. And we can't let these Indiana jabroni's make him have second thoughts. We need to create a militia of Brad Stevens fans.

OK, everyone stop reading now - this is just between me and Brad, now. Please see yourself out.

Brad, I know you're reading this because I know how big of a CelticsLife dot com fan you are, and I know that you especially enjoy these morning columns. But I want to talk about you about something that's not related to your CelticsLife fandom. I want to talk about something that means a lot to me. Arguably more than anything else. I want to talk about you, Brad.

I don't know how you do, when you do, but I want to make sure I let you know that I've noticed. I'm not always the best at expressing myself, I know this, but there comes a point in every man's life where they know they have to say these things verbally and for me that time is now.

The 2015 Boston Celtics roster is not very good. In fact, they suck. Yet with your brilliant coaching, your tactical mind, your outstanding play calling, we've reached heights I honestly didn't think were possible possible. I mean honestly, you're coaching a team of outcasts and left behinds and we're somehow in the midst of a playoff race. I mean, you're like the Rock in 'Gridiron Gang,' man. Now to be completely honest, I haven't seen 'Gridiron Gang.' But from what I remember from the commercial, he really made something out of those kids. Just like you!

So I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that it means a whole lot to me. It means so much to me, that I want to play you a song. Close your eyes for a moment, Brad. And let the magical powers of Lonestar take you away.

I hope this didn't get weird for you, Coach.

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Vintage WTHHT: What the Hell Happened to... Chucky Atkins

This week in What the Hell Happened To, we go back a short while, just to last decade, to remember the second-to-last starting point guard on a Celtics playoff team before Rajon Rondo arrived. Yes, you most definitely remember Chucky Atkins.

Atkins definitely surprised me with his play in Orlando and Detroit. When I first saw him play, I didn't know if he'd stick in the league. But the Pistons in 2002 won over 50 games and he was their starting point guard for that team that bowed out in the second round to the Celtics. He was a very solid three point shooter during his career and being under 6'0, and lasting for 11 seasons isn't a fluke. He carved out a role and was able to persevere.

In case you forgot the Celtics were able to acquire him in the key 3-team-Rasheed Wallace trade of 2004, the one where Rasheed eventually ended up in Detroit helping to beat the Flakers in the Finals. It's like Danny Ainge knew all along it would somehow help thwart lal's attempt at a title.

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