Cup of Joe. Anyone know if Isaiah Thomas wants to start?

In any good relationship you get to a point where more than anything, you just want your partner to be clear. When they say something you want to be able to immediately accept it as fact, without questioning any level of embellishment. We're now two months into the Isaiah Thomas era, and I just wish he'd be a little bit more clear with us; Does he want to start?

With him, someone reluctant to deliver the truth I decided to put on my investigator hat. Here's what I found:

February 26th
BOSTON -- As Isaiah Thomas admitted the other day, he would have liked more playing time with the Phoenix Suns. On his former club, he wanted to start too.

"Who doesn't?" he said
Source: Jay King, MassLive

March 6th
“As long as we win, I’m good,” Thomas said. “I would love to start, but it’s not the end of the [world]. I’m going to be ready when my name is called.”
Source: Boston Globe

March 18th
Start at 32:10 if video doesn't load

Source: CelticsLife live

"If Coach puts me in the starting lineup, I'll be happy," Thomas said. "If he doesn't, it is what it is. But I definitely can help. That's my game: Bring energy and make plays. So if he calls my name and I'm in the starting lineup, I'm going to continue to play the game of basketball the way I know how, and just do what it takes to win."
Source: Tom Westerholm, MassLive

I mean, it's like UUUUUGGGGHHHHHHH just be more straight forward with us, Isaiah!

To his credit, he has a point. While the Celtics absolutely benefit by having his scoring punch off the bench, their starting lineup could really benefit from playing with a little more pace, and neither Evan Turner nor Marcus Smart are truly comfortable playing a more up-tempo style (at least not with the ball in their hands).

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