Analyzing this amazing photo from right after Tyler Zeller's game winner

TD Garden photographer Brian Babineau snapped this picture a split second after Tyler Zeller's spectacular game winner on Wednesday night.  Seriously, how freaking great is it?!

Let's do a quick breakdown of some of the things going on:

1.  From the angle it's taken at, Zeller looks like some sort of mythical giant.  In that moment he was.

2.  Datome is thinking "Hell yeah, he listen to me!"

3.  Isaiah looks like an NFL running back about to hit the hole.

4.  Don't forget Shavlik in the suit in the background.

5.  Before the game, Olynyk said he'd try not to jump in order to keep his ankle healthy.  I didn't think that was going to be a problem with him.  Oops.

6.  But best of all has got to be Walter.  Looked how pumped he is!

Who's your favorite Celtic in this picture?

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