Who is more excited, Danny Ainge or Isaiah Thomas?

"So Danny, are you excited to have acquired Isaiah Thomas?" 
Just a day prior to the NBA trade deadline, NBA.com's Ian Thomsen wrote a great piece on Danny Ainge that included this interesting quote from the Celtics' GM:

"The hardest guys to find in this league are scorers at the ends of the games who can finish."

The next day in the closing minutes of the trade deadline, Danny swung a deal for Isaiah Thomas, who may just be his guy. Ainge gushed over the 5'9 point guard with the Boston Herald's Steve Bulpett, closely echoing his aforementioned sentiment:

“He’s one of the most efficient offensive point guards in the NBA,” he said. “He’s one of if not the leading fourth-quarter scorers in the NBA. One thing our team has lacked is speed and pick-and-roll offensive play. That’s one of our glaring needs. And that’s what Isaiah gives us.”

“I’ve always wanted Isaiah. Isaiah was my first call last summer in free agency. Isaiah was a guy I liked in the draft. Isaiah was a guy that was part of discussions when he was at Sacramento.”

Clearly, not much Isaiah love expressed from Ainge, so he added this as well, via ESPN:

"Isaiah is a dynamic offensive player whose scoring and playmaking abilities add to an already well-rounded backcourt with Marcus Smart and Avery Bradley,” Ainge said in the team's release announcing the deal. “We are excited to welcome Isaiah to the Celtics family."

On the other side, Isaiah Thomas has been reciprocating the love for the Celtics. He immediately changed his profile image on Twitter to an all-green Celtics theme before gushing at the opportunity to play in Boston.

Sources say it's still unclear who is more excited:

Who do you think is more excited, Ainge or Thomas? Honestly, it may be a wash.

Photo courtesy of the Boston Herald's Tara Carvalho

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