Jared Sullinger to miss the rest of the season with left metatarsal stress fracture

Despite the trade for Isaiah Thomas this week, with the news that Jared Sullinger is out for the year, you have to really start thinking about trying to get the best draft pick you can at this point. I mean sure you might be able to make the Leastern Conference playoffs with 30+ wins, but it would be a completely empty playoff reward. The Celtics need to get back to shooting for 50 or 60 wins, not getting a playoff spot due to the Eastern Conference being void of quality team depth or full of tanking teams. And while we have some decent players on the roster and a good coach, we still are void of any star players. We don't have a Paul Pierce, we don't have an Al Jefferson to trade for an established star, and we don't have a top 5 pick either.
Worried about Sully's long term outlook
We've won too many games already to grab a top 4 pick this season, but I'd much rather get the #5 or #6 pick than the #12 or #15 pick. Regarding Sullinger, while fans in Boston viewed him rather highly, he was never good enough to be the centerpiece in a trade for an established star (like Jefferson was). For everything he gives, there's something he takes back as well. And with this injury, his minor trade value will now decrease from "slim" to "slim to none" (No pun intended).

This injury does raise new questions about Sully's long term future and his inability to get his body weight under control. While we hope he has a solid recovery from this injury, we're also hoping he makes an attempt to shed more weight to prevent injuries every season. Next year will be a contract year for Sully, so if he can't shed the weight then, he will never be able to.

Via Tankathon.com