What would happen if the Celtics held their own dunk contest?

Tonight's NBA Slam Dunk Contest brings on a number of debates among hoop fans. Who has the greatest dunk of all-time? Who will take tonight's 2015 trophy? What the hell is Mason Plumlee in this thing for? And maybe if you were inside the Celtics locker room earlier this week, who would win if the Celtics held a dunk contest of their own?

While the team certaintly isn't chalk full of athleticism, it's not completely deprived of guys who can get above the rim.

Via Jay King of MassLive.com:
Evan Turner scoffed at a reporters' idea of rookie James Young. "Hell no, Bruh, J.Y. only has two (types of) dunks."

If the dunk below is one of his two types, I don't see a problem..

Upon being given a moment to think about it, Turner came up with an unlikely answer in rebuttal. "Probably Phil Pressey. Some days, Kelly Olynyk."

Umm what?!! While the dunk in the video above is impressive, c'mon Pressey? Even a vertically challenged Spud Webb fan such as myself can't get onboard with that. There's no way. And Olynyk? Good grief.. Vince Carter and Terrance Ross are the only affiliation with the dunk contest Canada is going to ever have. Kelly and his no-style having dunks aren't going to win any dunk competetion.

To further discredit Turner's ability to judge dunking skills, he even went on to name Jared Sullinger as his darkhorse. The name he neglected to mention that would be a good candidate? Marcus Smart.

Smart hasn't shown too much in-game dunking ability thus far, especially with him driving to the rack less in the pros. But don't you ever fool yourself into thinking that the kid can't get up. For my money, he could win the league's dunk contest this year. And the Celtics'. At least we won't have to live through another Greg Minor embarrassment..

(fast forward to 0:43 for Smart's dunks)

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