Gary Washburn is for a Celtics playoff push

I have stated my case plenty of times in the past few days regarding my hope for this Celtics team. It's good to see a national writer like the Boston Globe's Gary Washburn, on board for a playoff run out of the Celtics:

So the Celtics might as well make a run at the postseason. The TD Garden crowd was nearly lulled into hypnosis by the Celtics’ inept shooting through the first three quarters (28.4 percent) (against Atlanta) but were invigorated by their fourth-quarter rally. There was passion from the fans because they sensed passion from the players. The veterans weren’t playing out the string. Bass, Thornton, and Prince all played a part in the surge and none have indicated they’re looking to get out before next week.

Despite the losing, the Celts are 17th overall in home attendance, as the Bostonians still show support for this group. That number isn't something to write home about, but it shows there is a strong, loyal fan base for the team. What better way to reward them then pushing for some playoff basketball.

Now the casual fans who want to see the team lose are hoping for a fire sale before the deadline. Washburn addresses the topic of possible trades involving the Celts' veterans:

So unless the return is beneficial, there is no reason to disturb the stability and progress, and this team should be allowed to pursue the postseason. The Celtics have escaped the NBA abyss. They are stepping toward respectability.

Washburn then points out the growth of the young core as a reason to root for wins:

What has occurred since the departures of Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green is the younger players have responded by growing perhaps faster than expected because they had to. And now that growth is becoming evident to even the casual fan. The Celtics are back to being more confident, playing hard each night, and have embraced stability.


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