Marcus Smart's takeover is about to begin

Earlier today, Coach Brad Stevens spoke to reporters about a possible change to the starting lineup but wouldn't give out any details.

Stevens via Jay King of
If we do move somebody, it may just be because of fit, I think all the time, you're looking for how many creators do you have on the floor at once, how much skill do you have on the floor at once. Obviously size and quickness and athleticism, all that stuff matters. But other teams have a tendency to play smaller off the bench, so that's a consideration. There's just all kinds of things to think about.

I think it's safe to say adding Smart to the starting lineup is a move that will be most welcome by the fans. Many in Boston have been wondering what the hold up was in regards to inserting Smart into the starting lineup, self included. Turner has been awful in the games he's ran point, and Smart only seems to get more confident with every game played.

Then again, maybe that's just it.. Maybe Coach Stevens needed to see Smart get to a certain level of comfort and stability before he made a move. Otherwise I just don't see why it wouldn't have happened already. Tommy was ready over a month ago!Not like Turner has done anything to justify him remaining in the starting lineup either, at least not at point guard. In just 25 mpg this season he's averaging 2.3 turnovers. He's a great slasher, but he's out of place. I honestly think this is the perfect move currently for the team. They can't afford to lose Turner's offense. But they sure as hell don't need him bringing the ball up court and tossing it into the stands either. It's Smart's time. With 9 assists against Miami on Sunday, he looks ready to answer the call and run the pick & roll effectively. There are going to be ups and downs, but he needs experience if he's ever going to develop into the player they need him to be. I'm just glad that Stevens finally made the call to move him up.

I was going to be pissed if this was all about Tayshaun Prince being added to the starting lineup for Crowder..

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