Can Gerald Wallace control events with his mind?

You might have read recently on this esteemed website that the Celtics recently modified their trip from Boston to New York to last Sunday night, effectively granting the wishes of their veteran, Gerald Wallace.

It seems that the noted Patriots fan will enjoy some more good favor, as the recent snowstorm has pushed the Pats' victory parade from Tuesday to Wednesday.

Understandable that Stevens would negotiate with his player in an act of good will, but what of the snow storm itself? Is there a chance it might have been caused by Wallace?

As an evidently rabid fan, one would not have to question his motivation.

Alas, such a suggestion is mere conjecture. After all, if Gerald Wallace could control world events by sheer exertion of his will, he'd likely be averaging more than 8 minutes in each of about half of the team's contests in which he's appeared.

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