Jae Crowder gives Celtics a boost from the bench

Since moving to the Celtics bench for Tuesday's match-up against the Knicks, Jae Crowder has found his rhythm.

In the four games leading into this week, "starter" Crowder averaged a little over 4 PPG. Coming off the bench in Boston's last two games, he has more than tripled that average.

Against the Denver Nuggets at TD Garden last night:

And playing the Knicks in NYC on Tuesday night:

Worth noting, these performances do not seem relative to playing at home vs. playing on the road AND Crowder has strung this play together during a back to back with travel. It would appear his intensity is simply more potent when he isn't in the starting five. Also noteworthy is Crowder's move from small forward to power forward. Coach Stevens believes this shift for the Tuesday and Wednesday games was a catalyst to his improved production.

Regardless of his place in the line-up or position on the floor, Crowder commented on his future with the Celtics post last night's win against the Nuggets.

I know I'd like to see Jae stay and play (I'm a poet and I know it) for Boston. He definitely brings a spark off the bench and I agree with a fellow fan's sentiment, people enjoy watching him in green.

Steph sidebar: There's something to be said for a player who embraces his team's city and appreciates the fans. Jae takes to Twitter quite often to comment on and celebrate the Celtics' efforts. Last night, his attitude was no different.

I like this behavior, a lot. While a team is re-building they are often simultaneously re-branding. A player who positively communicates to the fan base is in my opinion a welcomed building block and a good look for the Celtics brand. Tweet on, Crowder — tweet on.

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