Cup of Joe. Smart's free throw attempts down since college, but getting better

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Smart's free throw attempts down since college, but improving

Marcus Smart is averaging .269 free throw attempts per field goal attempt, down from .648 as a sophomore at OK State
Source: Adam Himmelsbach

I imagine the immediate reaction for a lot of people will be 'well, duh.' It's understandable that it'd take a time for a rookie point guard to adjust to the speed and physicality of the NBA, and the most obvious place that will manifest itself is at the free throw line.

The good news is that he's Marcus Freaking Smart, point guard T-1000, and that means he's already quickly adapting to address the issue. Since getting the starting nod four games ago, Marcus has gotten to the line 15 times compared to 29 field goal attempts which equates to roughly .52 free throws per attempt (For reference, James Harden averages .51 free throws per field goal attempt).

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Vintage WTHHT: What the Hell Happened to... Todd Day

Not to be confused with Darren Daye, in today's WTHHT we remember Todd Day. Day was an explosive college player who along with teammate Lee Mayberry, were known at the University of Arkansas as "Mayday." Todd was picked by the Bucks with the number 8 overall selection back in the 1992 draft.

Despite not shooting higher than 43% from the field in his first 3 years, Day showed promise. He didn't average less than 12.7 ppg in those first 3 campaigns and by the 1995 season he'd average a career high 16 ppg including starting 81 of 82 games for the Bucks.

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