Cup of Joe. Bill Simmons wants Tobias Harris in green

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Bill Simmons 'might rejoice' if Celtics were able to sign Tobias

Tobias Harris: Why I Might Rejoice If My Celtics Offered Him $70 Million For Four Years As A Restricted Free Agent This Summer: He doesn’t turn 23 until July … he’s already a steady 18-and-7 guy … he’s a stretch 4 who makes 3s (2015: 41 percent) … he’s competitive as hell … there’s a decent chance he could evolve into a 50-40-80 guy … he’s never played for a good coach in his life … he loves taking and making big shots … you can never go wrong with anyone named “Tobias” … and he already has his own “Buzzer Beater” YouTube Montage.
Source: Simmons' Trade Value Column

Oh. So, wrong Tobias, huh?

I'm not so sold on this. To use a Simmmonism, Tobias Harris doesn't really pass the eye test. Yes, his numbers are relatively impressive, but I can't ever recall a situation where I was taken aback by his abilities. I've never walked away from watching a Magic game thinking he was anything special. Heck, haven't walked away from a Magic game thinking about him at all.

While I understand that might be simple, dumb, and archaic logic (in fact I'm kind of realizing I sound like on of those 'fills out a pair of jeans well' agents in 'Moneyball) - the part I definitely can't get past is the total number it'd take. I can't get behind a 15 million dollar a year gamble. Once you pass that 10 million mark you better be sure it's not just 'poor coaching.'

Start Your Morning off with... EE-Maaaaaaan Shuuuuuuuumpeeeeeeeert

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Vintage WTHHT: What the Hell Happened To... Joe Forte
authored by tb727

If you just got through watching the NBA Finals, noticing Tony Parker side-stepping and whirling his way to the basket, on the way to his Hall of Fame career, you may know that he was ready on draft night in 2001 for the Celtics to select him.  He was even given his Celtics' hat to wear onto the stage before it was taken away.  If you remember back to that draft you'll remember the Celtics had 3 draft picks, 10, 11 and 21.  While they technically could've selected Parker with #s 10 or 11 (he went 28th) it was this week's WTHHTfeatured player who is usually identified as "the guy picked over Tony Parker."  As Parker is on his way to the Hall of Fame, we rememeber Joe Forte, who is mostly remembered for his Scooby-Doo shirt he wore on the bench during an NBA game.