Shavlik Randolph always wanted to come back to Boston

In a show of respect to Shavlik, the Celtics made sure to keep his old No. 42 unclaimed, just in case his return to Boston was in the cards.

OK, I guess there's a possibility it's a coincidence that 42 is available, but I choose to believe the former.

There is definitely evidence to support Camerato's statement.  Here's a piece I wrote with Randolph quotes of hers in August of 2013, entitled Shavlik Randolph thanks Celtics fans, open to a return.

And just for good measure, here's another from March of that year called Do we need more Shavlik?  It's definitely worth a read if you're curious about what Randolph can bring to the table.  There's a quote from ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg in which he refers to Shavlik as "otherworldly at times."  Seriously.

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