SEASON SAVED: Shavlik Randolph headed back to the Celtics

Have you recently been struggling with a creeping, debilitating feeling that psychologists often refer to as depression?

If you have, it's understandable. Your Boston Celtics have completed four trades this week, bringing them up to nine since July. We've seen friendly, familiar faces come and go - including Rajon Rondo, Jeff Green, Nate Robinson and even Austin Rivers.

Of course, all is not wrong in the world. After all, Gerald "Crash" Wallace is still on the team. Thank God.

Today, Celtics fans got more good news.

Yes, you read that right. You have permission to smile....

Shavlik Randolph is back!!!!

After stints with the Foshan Long Lions and Cangrejeros de Santurce in China, the young Shavlik spent the tail end of 2013 with the Boston Celtics on a number of 10-day contracts before signing a multi-year deal. Several months after signing that contract, he was waived.

Boy, did he make an impact though!

A thunderous 4.2 points a game and 4.4 rebounds endeared him to cynical, sarcastic Celtics fans everywhere. He averaged 12.4 mildly entertaining minutes a game, the second highest number of his career outside of his sophomore campaign in 2006-07 with the 76ers.

The Celtics will also nab a 2017 second rounder from the Clippers in the deal. Randolph may not be in green for long though, as he's on an expiring deal. Still, expect him around for the rest of the season at least.

Banner 18 anyone?

Here's more on Shavlik.

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