Report: Grizzlies 'actively trying to obtain' Jeff Green (or Luol Deng)

Via ESPN's Marc Stein:

The Grizzlies, looking to bolster their scoring options on the wing in the ever-competitive Western Conference, are actively trying to obtain Miami's Luol Deng or Boston's Jeff Green ahead of the Feb. 19 trade deadline, according to league sources.

No deal is imminent, sources said, but it has become clear the Grizzlies are intent on upgrading their wing rotation before the deadline in a conference where teams behind third-place Memphis (25-10) in the standings have already made notable in-season additions -- such as Dallas (Rajon Rondo) and Houston (Corey Brewer and Josh Smith) -- and where Oklahoma City has yet to move into playoff position. 
Any Grizzlies offer for Deng or Green is likely to feature the $7.7 million expiring contract of Tayshaun Prince as well as the promise of future draft compensation.

Ding ding ding ding ding!  Um, yes please!

I assumed Danny Ainge was going to have to try and force-feed Green down other teams throats as the trade deadline approached.  And now we hear that Memphis actually wants him right now?  If you read Stein's post, he also elaborates on why the Heat are probably much less eager to deal Deng that the Celtics are to move Green.

We saw how far Rajon Rondo's trade value fell from where it once was.  If the Grizz want Green and are willing to part with a first round draft pick in return, this deal should happen today.  Get on the phone Danny!

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