Rajon Rondo set to make his return to the TD Garden tonight

The TD Garden will be as emotional as ever tonight when Rajon Rondo takes the floor for the first time as a member of an NBA team not named the Boston Celtics.

Feelings of nostalgia, sadness, anger and regret of what could've have been will all be flowing throughout the seats of the Garden.

For Jared Sullinger and Brando Bass however, it'll be just another game of NBA basketball.

(Per Chris Forsberg, ESPN Boston)


"It's always good to see ex-teammates, close friends," he said. "It’ll be tough for me to see him on the other side, but I’m still trying to break his head, though. Trying to get that [win on Friday]."


"Closure? It wasn’t a relationship," he said. "That wasn’t my girlfriend. It is what it is. It’s a business. We understand that. [Friday] is just another game."

Up to this point Rondo has kept to his daily routine but understands, having seen the reception C's fans gave to the like of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett upon their returns, that things will be emotional:

(Per Sam Amick, USA Today)
"I was pretty occupied, just playing my favorite card game, doing the usual routine as far as when I travel on the road just fellowshipping with my teammates and just having fun and talking trash," Rondo told USA TODAY Sports. "Today, I did pretty good (in the game of Bourre), but tomorrow could be a different story. You've got to keep it even keel."

(Chris Forsberg)
"Hopefully I won't be too emotional, try not to cry a little bit," Rondo said Wednesday in Dallas.

Despite always showing little to no emotion off the court Rondo'll be hard pressed to hold back the tears come tribute video time, similar to what Pierce and Garnett did just last year.

Here's what Rondo had to say prior to tonights matchup:

In terms of the actual game, I'm expecting a vintage big game from Rondo. He's only going to return to Boston for the first time once and Rondo always plays better on the big stage and with all the eyes on him.

Oh, and the game is being televised nationally on NBA TV which only adds to the magnitude of his return.

I know I'll be tearing up during this game regardless of his performance, so to get warmed up here's all the tribute videos for the members of the 2008 NBA Champions team.

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