Is Brandon lying out of his Bass?

In case you didn't hear or are still reeling from your New Years Eve hangover (if so congrats),  Rajon Rondo was traded a few weeks ago and tonight he'll be making his return to the Garden with his new team the Dallas Mavericks.

The deal shouldn't have come as a shock to many as Rondo's name has been in trade rumors literally since the day he was drafted. It was more the timing than anything that caught many Celtics fans (and Rondo) by surprise.

From Jackie MacMullan to Perk, there have been reports that Rondo wanted out of Boston for a while.

The only outlier in all of this is the fact that Brandon Bass adamantly thinks (or knows) Rondo wanted to stay and said just as much to's Jay King.

"Why would you want out? This is home," Bass said after Thursday's practice, one day before Rondo returns to Boston with the Dallas Mavericks. "I don't think that. He never told that to me."

So Rondo may not have flat out told him, "Hey Brandon, I want to be traded," so technically he might not be lying, but Bass certainly isn't telling the truth here.

If one of Rondo's closest friends, in Perkins, and one of the best Celtics / NBA reporters this side of Woj, in MacMullen, says Rajon wanted out, then I'm taking that as gospel.

This is when I start to agree with Bass.

"I thought he would want to finish his career here, do it like his teammate Dirk Nowitzki. He'll finish his career in Dallas. What better way to start and finish your career?"

In a perfect world where the Celtics contend for a championship and I'm tall, dark and handsome, Rondo would still be leading this team. Right now we'd just be previewing a marquee matchup between one of the Wests best going up against the Celtics.

Unfortunately for Bass and myself, that's just simply not the case, however.

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