UPDATED: Nate Robinson coming back to Boston (might be bought out), Jameer Nelson to Denver

If you have been dying to witness the scene below once again, it seems like you are one lucky Celtics fan:

No, sorry, it's not Paul Pierce that is coming back to Boston (at least not yet), but our beloved Nate "Donkey" Robinson might be on his way back here, as reported by Marc J. Spears of YahooSports:

Why would this trade occur? Well, since the Celtics have traded away their best players in Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green, the management might be feeling that they owe the fans some entertainment value. Oh, you think having Nate play for you is not fun? Have you forgotten this?

Or this?

The explanation that makes for sense is that the Celtics and the Clippers have been working on a deal for Austin Rivers, and the Celtics wanted a valuable pick in return. Nate has been disappointing for the Nuggets so far, so if the Nuggets get let's say Jordan Farmar from the Clippers, it's an upgrade for both teams and it also means a better pick for the Celtics. This is of course mostly speculation at this point, but it is nonetheless a plausible explanation.

Well, here are the missing details reported by Woj. It turns out I should have refreshed my Twitter faster instead of theorizing:

Come on Danny, let him play at least one game before he's bought out!

Get ready for the reunion Celtics fans! We want NATE! We want NATE!
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