Jae Crowder just walked through that door

In a season of futility, frustration and frequently changing faces one must find a measure of satisfaction in the subplots that emerge. Of course, the main reason we support the boys is victories, but in lieu of those, we’ll have to settle for subplots.

Yeah! Subplots!

Such a distraction from losses is the emergence of Jae Crowder, who last night tallied 11 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals and a block playing in place of Jeff Green, who is presently “between jobs” and laying low in an undisclosed location somewhere between Boston and Memphis.

Before a few days ago, Crowder was an afterthought, a largely unknown name assumed to be in Boston only to make financial numbers work in the Rajon Rondo trade. But Jae is recently making other numbers work on the court, not the least of which are interesting statistics which speak to his high-energy level of play in the recent Brooklyn game.

So if Crowder simply is the French fries used to fill out the plate around a good diner burger (or are Jameer Nelson and Brandan Wright rather a soggy grilled cheese sandwich), he has shown signs of being quality side dish.

And apparently the saltiness of his drive has satisfied the appetite of basketball connoisseurs in high places, as last night he was awarded the Tommy Award.

In a season of too many games consisting of a group of men trotting a few yards down the court to throw up ill-advised three-pointers, it’s nice to see someone throwing his body aggressively around the facility in hopes of creating opportunities where they had not before existed.

Perhaps one day his career might be defined in the same way.

(AP Photo/R Brent Smith)

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