I Am Boston, featuring the world's greatest fans: Ray Quimby

The Boston Celtics boast a rich history that began in 1946 and has continued with seventeen championships and millions of memories.

CelticsLife's "I Am Boston" offers a closer look at the individuals that make up the most loyal and supportive professional sports fans in the world.

Profile: Ray Quimby, 64 year old from Midcoast Maine (second student from left in photo of Sam Jones)

I started following the team as a high school basketball player in 1969. The Celtics were good examples of how to win. Unfortunately, my high school team never got it!

In March 16 of 1969, our high school basketball season was over and the coaches decided to take the team to the Garden for a game, Boston v. the Los Angeles Lakers. What a major league treat for a bunch of rural Maine high schoolers! The Celtics featured John Havileck, Bailey Howell, Satch Sanders, Sam Jones, Bill Russell, Don Nelson and Larry Siegfried.

The Villains consisted of Jerry West, Elgin Baylor and Wilt Chamberlain. Boston got smoked, 108-73. In spite of the outcome, we came back a team of Celtics fans. Later that year when the Celts took the seventh game in LA, inspired by Russell and Red declaring that the balloons located in the ceiling to celebrate the Lakers win would not drop, I was ecstatic with the win and have been an avid Celtics fan since.

On March 15 of 1992, my wife wanted to go to the Boston Flower Show. I agreed to go provided we stay over and watch the Celts and the Trail Blazers the following day. The Boston Flower Show was crowded and not a lot of fun. Not so the game. The Celts were down by 3 with seconds remaining when Bird hit a leaning 3 to tie it up. The Celts prevailed 152-148 in a double overtime. Clyde Drexler fouled out with 41 in the second overtime and got an appreciative ovation from the Boston fans for a game well played, which impressed my wife.

Bird finished with 49, in what was one of his last great games. My wife’s favorite flower is now the shamrock!

My favorite players of all time are Sam Jones for his bank shot, Russell for his basketball skills, but more for his courage to stand for what he thought was right, and Paul Silas, for his gritty work on the boards.

My favorite player on the current team is Brandon Bass because he carries himself like a professional and shows great work ethic. The Celts should hang onto him!

Photo credit: Bangor Daily News, 1969

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