Green Envy: What Trail Blazers fans said - 1/22

Coming into the game the Trail Blazers had the second-best record in the West.  Despite some key injuries, in the minds of Blazers fans losing at home to the lowly Celtics was not a viable option.  And I'm not sure if it was just because they were playing Boston, but the deflated ball jokes were rampant.

My No. 1 favorite:

After Jared Sullinger dove for the lose ball in the lane with seconds remaining in a two point game, Evan Turner was still wide open out beyond the three-point arc.

The other embed-tweet worthy:

Wait, is this real?

The best of the rest:

HOT SPORTY ANALYSIS: Caught the last second of the Blazers game earlier. Based on that, they suck and will lose the Super Bowl.

Saturday nights item of the game at Moda Center will be first aid kits.

If Batum misses any time, #Blazers could be in some trouble. Aldridge out 6-8 weeks, Freeland and Lopez until All Star break.

Is it All-Star week/break yet? Asking for a few friends

Well Blazers, only one thing to do at this point. Deflate those balls.

Surprisingly enough, minus Freeland, Lopez and LaMarcus, Portland isn’t very good at basketball.

Have we won too many games to start tanking now?

Evan Turner editing work for his fellow Buckeye, the ghost of Greg Oden.

Brad Stevens is the best high school science teacher in the NBA.

Told y'all theres a weirdness in the building tonight! & not the good Portland Type of "Keep Portland Weird" Either

Deflated but not defeated

But real talk, cannot afford to lose at home to Celtics even w our depleted squad!!

Damian Lillard the IPA: Loaded with Hops.

When your team is depleted and the Celtics come to town, you get this stat: Kaman leads all scorers with 10 points.

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