Green Envy: What Jazz fans said 1/26

Well that was a heart attack waiting to happen. The Celtics soared out to a 55-31 halftime lead, then in the blink of an eye almost blew it by getting outscored 35-16 in the third quarter. But eventually the good guys won and the Jazz fans went home angry. On a side note: Is there a funnier looking bunch than the Jazz? Some odd looking eyebrows on Enes Kanter, a sweet Super Cuts style bowl cut on Gordon Hayward, and then there's Joe Ingles. How is this guy a professional basketball player? He has spaghetti arms like Doug Funnie. Eat a carb man!!!

But back to the game. Let's see what Jazz fans had to say:

Top Three:

1) I would take Exum over Smart any day.

2) Super quick recap: it was meh, then it was terribad, then it was awesome, then it was frustrating.

3) I can't tell if this Boston commentator is calling him Haywood......or if he's just from Boston and doesn't have an R to give

Play of the Game: (What a game from Tayshaun)

Prince with his best game in 9 years.

The Full Slate:

I thought Mormons were nice: I hope the crowd boos them off the floor

What an embarrassing product to put on the floor

This is ugly to watch

god our offense is terrible

This is the same squad that just won by 35?

Jazz gameplan: Turnover, give up wide open 3, rinse and repeat.

What the hell is happening?

le sigh

Sooo sloppy now

hopefully they get on dante so he doesn’t play like a zombie again next game

They all played pretty hard I think, Exum didn’t seem like he was really trying and Favors wasn’t aggressive enough. Trey didn’t try playing any D.

Terribad FT shooting by Favs and Hayward today

Oh weird a Patriots joke: My eyeballs are bleeding and they aren’t deflated either.

"haha Hayward is so clutch NOT"

Stevens running out the 40 and over lineup with Prince and Wallace, lol

That dominating 3rd quarter really shattered my balls.

How does one take 20 shots in 18 minutes with the kind of average Trey has? or better yet how is one allowed.

shutting down PG's is one of the few things Celtics do well. Smart/Bradley get after it

Lots of Exum talk: Patience. Relax.

We sucked all first half. Celtics still have a quarter to suck

I wish 4th Quarter Trey would become 82 games Trey

No Love for Exum: you can trade him for Stauskas :)

Exum played 25 minutes tonight took 2 shots, 0 points. Its like he wasnt even there.

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