Celtics headed west and possibly "a bunch of different ways"

The plan for the Boston Celtics in 2014-15 may be to miss the playoffs, but they're not even quite good enough at that. Current standings have them positioned at arm's length just outside the party with a host of other teams.

At 13-25, the boys in green are separated from currently eighth-seeded Brooklyn by only 3 games.

Before you get too excited or depressed depending upon your goals for their season, keep in mind the upcoming 6-game west coast trip. The stretch of games will feature 3 dominant teams (Clippers, Trail Blazers and Warriors), 1 mediocre squad (Nuggets) and two in the running for nothing more than certificates of participation (Jazz and Wolves).

But the road is the road. Tired bodies, uncomfortable flights and contrary crowds can take their toll on a group of young guys, some of whom admit they are not even sure what to predict.

One might offer that Boston has a good chance at making a game against Utah and Minnesota, but nothing is for sure.

But for a team that has suffered inexperience and sweeping changes all season, 2 wins out of 6, although nothing to be proud of, would at least be consistent with their winning percentage to date.

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