Brandon Bass doesn't wear his LeBron James shoes when he plays LeBron

Before yesterday's game against the Los Angeles Clippers, Brandon Bass laced up his LeBron James sneakers in typical "fashion." When asked how comfortable he is wearing a rival's shoe, Brandon was very clear about what he wears on days the Celtics play his favorite sneaker's namesake.

As reported by Jay King of MassLive, Brandon said:

"Anything else."

I can understand the sentiment. It's good sportsmanship to fist-bump your opponents before the opening jump – maybe even a quick hug, on a good day – but to wear kicks that are named and marketed for a guy on the opposite team, while playing against them could produce an unnecessarily awkward dynamic. Footwear decisions definitely seem like worthy fodder for on-court trashtalk, especially if you are wearing the guy's shoes who is elbowing you in the paint. I'm with you Brandon. I'd wear anything else, too.

Brandon is thoughtful about certain game day shoe decisions but he isn't nearly as concerned about his shoes as one particular player in the league.

While its no secret that sneakers are serious business in the NBA, the Lakers' Nick Young – aka Swaggy P – is "so fancy” that he's hired a 2-person security team to guard his sneakers in a guest house. Actual people will not live in this sneaker casita. Just his shoes.

From Lee Jenkins at Sports Illustrated:

The property, tucked behind a gate in the San Fernando Valley neighborhood of Tarzana, comes with a detached building that Young is converting into a “shoe house.” He employs not one but two “shoe keepers,” who oversee his 500-plus pairs of sneakers, a collection that includes Vans fitted with roller-skating wheels.

What do you guys think, is Brandon's sneaker switch-up for LeBron match-ups merited? What would you do?

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