Boston Celtics All-Star Game Snub?

Gerald Wallace circa 2010.
As of right now, there are no Boston Celtic’s nominated for the upcoming All Star Game. With just 7 days left to cast your vote, the odds are not in our favor.

Although it is a depressing fact, it is legitimate one. I could not say in good conscience that we have an “All Star” caliber player on our roster right now.

That is not to say that we do not have “good” players or talented rookies, but that we do not currently have a real star. Let’s be realistic, did we really expect Avery Bradley’s 13.2 PPG to come close to John Wall, Dwayne Wade and Kyrie Irving?  All three of those guards are having great seasons so far, especially Wall who is leading the Eastern guards in votes and currently averages a double-double.

Statistically speaking Jared Sullinger is now our best player, but I think we all can agree he is far from being an “All Star”. In fact, Sully’s performance this season has been a little disappointing so far, especially after his great pre-season. He has seen a minor upgrade in minutes, but the majority of his stats are the same as last season. While his 13.4 PPG and 8 RPG are acceptable, they are still far from All-Star caliber.  

But this is about the Celtics, not specifically Jared Sullinger.

Courtesy of ESPN
The lack of Celtics player in the voting forces me to question how low Celtics fans morale really is at this point. Is it really that none of our players are deserving of a top ten mention, or is it in part because the majority of Celtics fans do not care (Oh no, the die-hards are going to crucify me for that). Bradley Beal has the least number of votes on the list with 28,387, and is the second Washington Wizard on the guards list as well. That is not an incredibly big number when you think of an entire fanbase (CelticsLife has 248,000 Celtics-Fan followers on twitter alone.)  All I am saying is that if Celtics Nation really believed Avery Bradley deserved to be there, he would be there. The rebuild is taking a toll on all of us and it may be seen through the All-Star ballots.

If any of you truly believe someone on our roster deserves a spot on the Eastern All-Star Team ballot, please voice your opinions in the comments. I am open to your opinions, though I personally do not believe any player of ours is anywhere near All-Star game ready.

I am not trying to be negative as I say these things, and I am not impatient when it comes to this rebuild. I understand that this will be a long process and we will not always have a star on our squad.
  I am just being realistic, folks.

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Gerald Wallace photo: WWW.NBA.COM