Ainge confirms that of course you can never have too many draft picks

One of the most foolish things I've read since the Celtics recent trades is that it's going to become a problem for the Celtics having so many draft picks. The argument is you only have 15 roster spots, so you can't fit all the new draftees. Danny Ainge does a good job refuting that silly notion in Celtics Lifer Julian Edlow's piece today for WEEI:

But could there possibly be such a thing as owning too many draft picks?

“€œNo, because draft picks are always tradable, players are not,” Ainge responded. “Draft picks are always assets until sometimes they’€™re drafted, until they become players, or until they become paid.”

“I think you have to build through the draft,” Ainge added. “Last time we built through the draft, and we developed players, and we were able to trade to get some veteran guys in that were ready to win, that were more compatible with Paul [Pierce] at the time. But we did it through the draft. That’€™s how I look at it and right now we’€™ll do the same thing: We’€™ll draft players, we’€™ll develop players and we’€™ll look for opportunities to take steps forward.”

So let's put to rest the silly thought that somehow too many picks can be a negative. You can always trade picks for future picks, so they remain assets. You can always trade multiple picks to move up in the draft. You can always draft Euro stash players. The list of "always" positive things you can do with draft picks goes on and on. Draft picks are in fact the one asset in the NBA that can never become a negative. LeBron James could break his back and all of a sudden his contract would be a negative. Draft picks will always be assets. You like a guy at #9, but you have the #13 pick. Well offer another pick in addition and you can move up. You like a player who fell to the 2nd round. Well offer two future 2nds to trade for that spot.

You can never have too many draft picks. Having 9 picks does not mean you will be adding 9 players. More picks Danny please. Preferably firsts.