Tommy Heinsohn gives Rajon Rondo a postgame pep talk, something he's wanted to do for a while?

After Boston's blowout loss at the hands of the Spurs yesterday afternoon, long-time Celtics player, coach and announcer Tommy Heinsohn took it upon himself to have a locker-room chat with Rajon Rondo:

Via ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg, here's Rondo's summary of the conversation with Heinsohn:

Keep chugging away at it. We talked for a while. He shared his thoughts; I shared my thoughts as well. Tommy’s a guy I’ve been talking to since Day 1, he’s been a big fan of mine and I believe in what he’s done here in the past. He’s coached, he’s played, he’s done it all. So when you find a guy like Tommy has advice or wants to share something I always try to listen.

Just stay positive. Continue to push the pace -- in the fourth quarter we tend to walk the ball up the court. Myself, I was just sharing my thoughts about how it’s hard to push the pace when the ball’s going through the net every time. It’s just difficult. Like I said, it starts on the defensive end of the floor.

There's also a bit of a backstory here.  In April Heinsohn called out the Celtics point guard for having "bad habits" left over from more experienced teams, saying Rondo needed to be "pulled aside and talked to" because he often doesn't play a style that gets the most out of his current teammates.

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