Power Ranking the 5 most likely landing spots for Jeff Green

Lost in all of the Rajon Rondo rumors and eventual trade; the Boston Celtics have been actively shopping Jeff Green. That's probably not news to many, and since then, there hasn't been anything further. But between it being a real possibility, and it being a bit of a slow news day, I thought it'd make sense to review the five most likely landing spots for Jeff Green in the event that he were to be traded

5. Portland Trailblazers

Thomas Robinson, Dorell Wright, Joel Freeland for Jeff Green

Why it could happen: Guarantees the Celtics get out of Green's final year*, let's them take a look at Thomas Robinson
Why it probably wont: Just doesn't seem like it's worth it for the Celtics. Robinson's on his third team, and has yet to show any real maturation in his first few seasons. And while I think the Celtics would probably like to get out of Green's final year, it's not like they have to; Green's a well above average NBA player and by all accounts a good kid. They need actual value to part with him.

4. Sacramento Kings

Derrick Williams, Nick Stauskas for Jeff Green, Clippers 2015 1st round pick

Why it could happen: The Kings are weird
Why it probably won't: If the Rondo trade is any indication, they might be more a little more logical than I thought/hoped for

3. Houston Rockets

Jason Terry, Kostas Papankilaou, NY Knicks 2nd round pick for Jeff Green

Why it could happen: While Houston might be active in the Josh Smith race, this would sure up their rotation and provide them a lot of lineup flexibility.
Why it might not: I'm not quite sure this is enough value for the Celtics. The Knicks 2nd round pick figured to be somewhere before the 40th pick, and Papankilaou has shown flashes. But Jeff Green is a 20 point a game scorer, and the league isn't as filled at the small forward position as it once was

2. New Orleans Pelicans

Omer Asik for Jeff Green

Why it could happen: Makes a lot of sense for both teams. The Pelicans defense isn't as strong as one would think, and they could use some perimeter scoring. The Celtics get out of the final year of Green's contract, get to take a look at Asik.
Why it probably won't: I just don't see that much motivation for either team. I think it makes sense, but neither team would be particularly excited about it

1. Oklahoma City Thunder

Kendrick Perkins and a 2015 First for Jeff Green

Why it could happen: I mean, honestly, why not? Makes a ton of sense for both sides, right?
Why it might not: The Thunder haven't made a ton of great basketball decisions in the past few years, seem oddly attached to Kendrick Perkins.


*Jeff Green has a player option at the end of this season. However, I strongly believe Green will exercise that option to allow him to become a free agent the following summer, when the NBA's new TV deal will significantly increase the salary cap.

Personally, I think the uptick in the salary number would be Ainge's main motivation. More cap money this year could mean locking up a few players to deals that will quickly look like bargains when the salary cap line goes way up.