Kendrick Perkins says Rondo wanted out of Boston

Is Perkins assuming his good friend, Rondo wanted out? Or has he and Rondo talked about this in the past?

Whatever the case, Perkins has completely switched his stance on this topic. From a Gary Washburn article in the Boston Globe published November 13, 2014:

“He should [re-sign],” Perkins said. “I think it’s a great place for him. I think he wants to stay here. You know, we talk on a regular basis and I think he should stay. If I was him, I would stay.”

So either Perkins doesn't know his friend very well or he and Rondo discussed this further in the past month or so.

But alas, Rondo is off to Dallas so we may never know what his intentions were, had the Celtics held on to him.

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