Hold onto your butts! Nets-76ers come to terms on a blockbuster trade (they didn't, it's a minor trade)

Hey guys, are you sitting? Good. Do you have any kind of contraption that can fasten you in? You do? Great. Now, bind your knees together, and if you have a mouth piece readily available you're going to want to put it in as an extra safety precaution. Cuz you're about to enter Tradetown USA, partner!

The Philadelphia 76ers have agreed to acquire Andrei Kirilenko from the Brooklyn Nets.

The 76ers will also acquire a 2020 second round pick, along with the right to swap 2018 second rounders and cash while sending Brandon Davies to the Nets.

"The bigger they are, the harder they fall"- A line from a Pitbull song, that has literally no relevance here. But heck, what am I supposed to do here, provide additional insight? Fine.

The Nets stink. The 76ers are tanking. Every report states that Kirilenko will be bought out. Boom. Insight.