Evan Turner apologizes to Kyle Korver, complains about refs some more

Following a Celtics loss to the Hawks on December 2, Evan Turner criticized the officiating while simultaneously taking a jab at Kyle Korver, saying Korver "can't guard to save his life."

Via Mass Live's Jay King, Turner has since reached out to Korver.  Turner sent a text message to Korver's teammate Elton Brand apologizing, and said:

I did say that and it sounded way worse than what it was. Like, you know what I'm saying? Did I say something off the wall? That was wrong to say publicly and everything like that. I apologized to Kyle for that but he didn't feel some type of way. But obviously people just run with it. And obviously, to get my quotes, it's got to be a boring night in sports.

But after the Celtics' 133-132 double-OT loss to the Wizards on Monday, Turner was back to complaining about the refs again.  From Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe, Turner had this to say about John Wall's game-winning three-point play:

He made a good play going to the rack and he got the bucket, but the and-one was garbage. That was a horrible call and it went like that the whole game.

John stepped up and hit some big, big, big, big, big shots, but right there he got the bucket and did his thing to tie the game, but it was Christmas early.

In this case Turner appears to be right, as it was hard to see any contact on Wall's basket.  Regardless, this is not a good look for him.

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