Emily Austen and Brad Stevens talk Celtics biggest win of the season

Boston had their biggest win of the season today holding off a furious late run by the Wizards to emerge victorious 101-93. Jeff Green had another stong game with 25, Rajon Rondo had a triple double and Marcus Thronton set the score book on fire with 21 in just over 17 minutes.

Emily Austen reports:

One of the more interesting things I took from Brad Stevens post-game press conference was his quote with regards to Avery's late game corner three:
"We talk about tempo and playing for the first good shot. Well. let it go."

Two takeawys from this statement:

For one, as long as Stevens is the coach Boston will be a fun product on the floor.

Secondly. the Celtics struggled early in the season from three but have improved significantly. I feel you can attribute that to Stevens sticking with his philosophy and players not worried about getting pulled for missing shots.

Especially with Sully, who hit another big three late in the game today.