Tough times for Delonte West as he gets released by the Shanghai Sharks

Delonte West was playing for the Shanghai Sharks, owned by Yao Ming
After playing in just four games for the Shanghai Sharks, former NBA point guard Delonte West is again looking for a new job after he was released.

"Honestly, we did not expect such a drop in performance," coach Ma Yuenan told reporters.

The Cavs are in desperate need of a back-up point guard. Just saying. Truth of the matter is that Delonte is 31 years old now, and while we're seeing NBA stars now hang on later in their 30's, West has never been a star. He might have just lost a step. Or he may have something going on mentally again, which has lead to the sharp drop in performance. Would be great to see him bounce back yet again, but this doesn't bode well for any future NBA reunion for Delonte.