There has been a familiar face sitting in on Celtics practices and meetings

Leon Powe, kown and fondly remembered for his heroic performances during the Big 3 Era Title runs, has been spotted in and around the Celtics facility lately. His exact job or role isn't clear or defined. This makes sense when speaking with Powe, who has explained his "job" with the team is really more about learning himself.

Officially a member of the team's player development system, Powe's exact role has been ambigous from the get-go. When he was hired by Danny Ainge in September, it was to do "whatever Danny wants me to do." It was reported he would work in a "community/player related" position.

Since being hired for the role, it has become clear that in addition to helping the team in whatever way he can, much of the time Powe is absorbing knowledge and skills that he hopes will advance him to the next level of his career (Quote from Metro West Daily News):

“I want to run my own team,” he said. “I want to be a GM. I am just making sure I learn everything I can being around these guys. I sit in on meetings with Danny (Ainge), make sure I ask questions and pick their brains to see how their philosophy and my philosophy work together.”

I certainly wouldn't bet against Powe ascending into a front office role, as he hopes. If there is one thing the man has proven capable of doing with repeated success is overcoming extreme adversity. Growing up in a rough Oakland neighborhood, Powe's father left his family when he was 2. Five years later, the family home burned down in a fire. Powe, his sibilings, and their mother spent years homeless, sleeping on the street and in cars. Powe persevered through the struggles and became a force on the local high school basketball team. As if he hadn't been through enough, his mother passed away four days prior to his team's appearance in the state championship game.

When he first showed up in Boston in 2006, he was the fourth-string center on the roster. Injuries thrust him into the limelight, and his intense play on the court made him a centerpiece of those team's championship runs. Powe was crucial in cast of supporting characters that helped lead the team to it's championship victory in 2008. It is nearly impossible to look back upon those glory years and not think of Powe. And if his current plans go to plan, he will be a part of the picture long into the future. As I said before, I wouldn't bet against him.