Former minor league pitcher thinks the Cavs should trade for Rajon Rondo

Former minor league pitcher, and apparently also former NBA All-Star Tracy McGrady went to twitter today to suggest a trade to current Cavaliers player/general manager, Lebron James.

Here's the thing, though; It's not that terrible of an idea?

Not that the Cavaliers would make a radical roster decision based on a few subpar games, BUT if they're still a little 'off' (and clearly they'll be much, much, much better in a few months time) a trade revolving around Kyrie Irving and Rajon Rondo has to at least make both sides stop and think, right?

The Cavaliers sure up a pass-first All-Star point guard with playoff experience they're entirely too familiar with, and the Celtics get a younger All-Star, who may or may not actually like to pass, with a slightly higher ceiling.