KG can still grab boards with the best of 'em

Kevin Garnett still has something left in the tank. But if you have seen him play of late, there are moments where it really looks like he may be at the end of his rope.

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KG will probably be able to hit the elbow jumper well into his 80s, but his numbers are for the most part down across the board. After averaging 15.8 points per game in his 8 year stint in Boston, that number has dipped to right around 7 during his time as a Net. His field goal percentage, minutes played, and several other statistical categories are well below his career and recent-season averages.

But he can't really be faulted for that. The man is 38 and playing in his 12th long, intense season. And is still a solid contributor on a competitive team.

Additionally, while the sample size is small, KG is showing a slight uptick in his rebounding statistics this season. He is currently grabbing 8.5 rebounds per game, his highest mark since he averaged 8.9 for the year in 2010-11. This number will most likely slide as the season wears on and fatigue sets in, but for the time being, Garnett is rebounding well.

Is this a testament to Garnett's ability- or the Nets poor rebounding as a team? Probably a bit of both. Garnett is one of the greatest rebounders of all-time and will likely always be effective in that phase of the game. The Nets are 19th in the league in total rebounds per game with 41.4 on average, while Garnett is averaging 2.5 more rebounds per game than their current second best player on the boards, Mason "Plums" Plumlee.

Furthermore, according to Reed Wallach of Vantage Sports, KG is also currently posting a career high in total rebound % (estimate of available rebounds grabbed while on the court) with 20.6%.

While it is hard to read to much into these figures right now given how early it is in the season, the fact remains- KG can still ball and board with the best of 'em.