Green Envy: Sixers fans are a really depressing bunch

Last year when I did a Green Envy for a Celtics win over the Sixers, it was hilarious how every single Sixers fan was pumped for the loss. The tank was moving full steam ahead, and the entire forum was rooting against their team.

Flash forward to tonight, and I expected the same exact thing as Philly continues their abysmal trek towards the worst record in the league. Only, that didn't happen. Sixers fans thought this was one of the only winnable games on the horizon, and most of them wanted to snap their 10-game skid.

But still, these are a beaten down group, so instead of anger we get a whole bunch of depressing stuff. Let's get to it.

Cautious Optimism

I want a win tonight.

So this is where I'm a bit torn. On one hand nothing would be sweeter than to get our first victory of the season against our most hated rivals, but on the other hand, it would also be great to subject them to eternal mediocrity like we were for so many years before Hinkie. Decisions decisions.

What the hell? Beat the C's and let them beat up on other teams to stay mediocre.

I'm predicting a win tonight. As bad as our team is, we match up very well with the Celtics.

I will be going to this game and hopefully watching us get our first W tonight. Also, fuck evan turner

Hating on their guys

MCW - Must Chuck Wildy

MCW killing the offense efficiency

Hey Nerlens, if you want to make a hook shot, the ball has to at some point get above the rim.

MCW needs to stop dribbling into like 5 dudes

The guy who told Davies he was a stretch 4 should be drawn and quartered.

Hollis is just invisible out there. At least get someone out there who can D someone up.

I can't stand Wroten. I fucking hate the guy. Here's a novel idea: if you suck at shooting, don't shoot

I miss Jrue, Evan & Thad all of a sudden.

Noel has been fucking garbage all year save for 1 or 2 games. He is not intimidating anybody, the lane doesn't become some no fly zone when he is there. People need to stop with the over the top hype.

Hating on the Celtics

The Celtics are absolutely terrible such an awful team

Sullinger is so fucking fat. How can he be a pro?
Like the huge fat guys in football...

Sullinger is a good player. It's a shame he's too short and athletically limited to protect the rim, though.


Instead of asking the question when will the losing streak end, I think it should be, will we beat last year's 26 straight losses to start this season 0-27?

I don't see an end in sight for this losing streak.

It's staggering how bad this team is.

Yup, we're rancid. I don't think we reach average in any aspect of the game.

everyone is getting fired

I think Hinkie took it too far and it will cost him his job , the coach also will be fired

0-82 is happening

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