Start your day off with Willis Reed fighting an entire Laker team

In the late 1990's it was common for wrestler 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin to enter a wrestling ring and combat anywhere between 10 and 20 men. Sprinting toward a legion of men allied against him, diving head first into the ring, and then throwing haymakers and landing Stone Cold stunners until he was the lone survivor.

Here's the thing, though; Professional wrestling is fake. And to this point, I thought no one in real life would actually think to, let alone, execute a similar act.

Enter: Willis Reed

Right hands! Right hands! Right hands!

What's crazy about this video is that you'd think that Reed would've found himself in the middle of the Laker team, and having to punch his way out - a sitaution you often see in the movie 'Roadhouse' - but no, Reed's the aggressor in almost every case. Punch, punch, sprint to the next guy, punch, punch, sprint and take the entire bench.