Let's all speculate what this ambiguous Brian Scalabrine message is about

So, recently Brian Scalabrine posted the above message on Squor. 'What's Squor?' you might ask. Oh just the hottest new social media site that allows me, the fan, to connect with a whole bunch of athletes I've never heard of, as well as hear Brett Favre's Packer predictions, and get this Brian Scalabrine message.

Anyways, let's cut to the chase. What in the heck is Scalabrine talking about? Here's my best guess, leave yours in the comments below (and I'll bump a few later)

My first inclination would be to say that 10/21/14 would mark his return to professional basketball, but the Celtics actually don't play until the day after. So for that reason, and that reason alone, it can't be that.

After my gut was wrong, I tried to go with my brain. Ran a google on 10/21, and shockingly, outside of it being Kim Kardashian's birthday and Fleetwood Mac playing a show in Indianapolis, not a whole lot is going on.

Out of options, I'm just going with what I want to happen the most.

After forming a friendship with Win Butler during a charity basketball game

Brian Scalabrine has decided to join the Arcade Fire.

Not only that, but they'll be playing every home game. Replacing any kind of need for Lucky's trampoline dunkin' brigade, and the incessant showboating that generally follows it (because lord knows dunking off a trampoline warrants a chest pounding, and then a Hulk Hogan style pose to the crowd). Now it's just Win Butler, Brian Scalabrine, and the fifty-seven other members of the Arcade Fire, playing the hits.

And it's all got to start with this cover of Huey Lewis & The News' "Back In Time."

editor's note: That picture hasn't been photoshopped or anything. They actually did play together

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