Brad Stevens studiously went to film school this offseason

Since mid-April Brad Stevens has spent the majority of his time in dimly lit rooms studying film.

Fortunately for Celtic fans he wasn't deconstructing the summer's blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy for film class at BC but finding clips that best demonstrate what Boston needs to work on this season.

This according to Chris Forsberg at ESPN Boston:
Since the end of the 2013-14 season in mid-April, Stevens has tortured himself with film study from his team's 25-win campaign and plucked the clips he thought would best demonstrate to his players just what needs to be done this season to take the next step in a rebuilding process that can't go fast enough for anyone involved.

The biggest thing Stevens took away from his film study is that the devil is in the details and that's what will be one of the teams biggest focuses this season:
"I told our guys earlier, 'If you get two points better in transition D overall, you have that much better of a chance to win,'" said Stevens. "Then you put yourself up [with top] teams in the league, most of those teams are going to the playoffs. Two points doesn't seem like a lot, but there's only two points that separate the best from the worst sometimes. Maybe not in that particular example, but the details matter. And we talked about this [Monday], not all of us have a high margin for error. So if you have a lower margin of error, the details matter."

One facet Boston is going to want to greatly improve on is team turnovers per game. The Celtics were in the bottom half of the league in turnovers last season despite being 26th in the league in scoring.

A lot of this can be attributable to Boston's ultra young team and the absence to Rajon Rondo for much of the season.

Still, this is one detail that will go a long way in establishing Stevens priorities and the culture of Celtic basketball moving forward.

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