Gerald Wallace's knee responding well to increased camp activity

After ending his season early in 2014, Gerald Wallace underwent successful knee surgery. After a lengthy off-season that saw the Celtics get much younger, Crash Wallace will be looked upon during training camp to set the pace and guide the young team during the rebuild.

Wallace, who is under contract for two more seasons in Boston, is not a building block on which the future of the Celtics franchise will be built, but he brings 14 years of experience to the table and that kind of knowledge can only help this team grow, and grow quick.

The bad news is training camp has been underway for like 36 hours and he's already saying how he can feel 14 years of training camps in his knee.

While the casino business over/under line on the Celtics is 26.5 this year, I'm interested in another over/under. What's the over/under on pessimistic statements Crash makes to the media this year? I'm going to set the line at 500.

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